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Hailing from Chicago Illinois, Britt Wynn is an accomplished screenwriter and musician. He got his start in the entertainment industry at a young age, writing a number of straight-to-DVD features for Hollyhood Cinema that caught the attention of many. Most notably “Repos,” starring Michael Blackson, Katt Williams, and Master P.

Britt quickly became enamored with the world of new filmmaking, producing a series of hilarious comedies that brought a fresh perspective to the Hollywood scene. Many of his films were released between 2006-2009 by First Look Home Entertainment and Code Black Entertainment (Lions Gate), and are still available in large retailers worldwide.

In November of 2007, Britt co-wrote a pilot titled "Calvin and Freddie's Cosmic Encounters," which starred Zachary Williams (Romeo!), Oren Williams (Rebound), and Chelsea Tavares (Just Jordan). Produced by Troy Rowland (The Lizzie McGuire Movie / A Cinderella Story), Rugg Williams, Sabina Cabe, and directed by Eric Dean Seaton (Cory in the House / Austin & Ally), the pilot was met with critical acclaim, and a few episodes were ordered by a major network.

In addition to his successful career as a screenwriter and executive, Britt took on the moniker Prince Charmin' aka Charmz, and entered the music world. His unique style, which blends upbeat pop, rap, rock, and skits, quickly gained a following, and he was signed to an independent record deal with Melrose Music. A slew of singles and mixtapes were released in 2011 and received critical praise for their catchy beats and clever lyrics.

In 2011 his single "Future Girlfriend," which was produced by 17x Platinum Billboard Chart-Topping Record Producer Eddie Galan, was even featured on the popular WorldstarHipHop site. Two years later, his single "Know Dat" made an appearance on Pandora radio, while his music video for "Turnt Up" was featured on VEVO Rap and several terrestrial radio stations in 2013.

Despite this early success, Britt has not rested on his laurels and is currently working on a group of new singles and a surprise project with Young Miller's DMG Record Label, under the name B. Wynn. As B. Wynn prepares to take the music world by storm once again, supporters can expect even more electrifying and innovative sounds from this visionary artist.

Britt also works closely with traditional and new media buyers under his Agency, finding writers and developing new content for domestic and international audiences.

In addition to helping package and cast numerous projects -- he also evaluates many scripts at the coverage and development stage.

Britt continues to expand his agency -- championing writers -- filmmakers at all levels -- featuring them on his select Amazon author-reader-based Roku book channel -- "The Wynn Wynn Channel."