Want my personalized services, no strings attached?

Need a Script Doctor? I will properly format your Spec in its source file and write you a One Sheet or Query.

Need Coverage? I will give you detailed script analysis, breaking down your Acts and Sequences and other key elements to improve your spec for professionals and market.

Need a custom order? Just let me know!


QUERY LETTER $100 (7 Day Turnaround)


Effective query letter for pitch.

ONE SHEET PITCH $50 (7 Day Turnaround)


A one-sheet document, representing your project.




LOGLINES & MINI SYNOPSIS $100 (7 Day Turnaround)


5 loglines and 1 synopsis. 


COVERAGE $400 (2 Week Turnaround/Including Script Markup)


Get the same coverage that I do for companies and top working pros.


TREATMENT $400 (2 Week Turnaround)


I will analyze your story and break it down into treatment that is pitch ready.


PROPER SCRIPT FORMATTING $600-$1000 (I will correct your source file and give it more "white space"/2 Week Turnaround)

BASIC PROOFREADING $300 (PDF I will make sure your script follows the hidden rules of screenwriting that are often overlooked by beginners.)

PREMIUM PROOFREADING $400 (I will correct all mistakes in your source file/2 Week Turnaround)



PITCH DECK (2 Week Turnaround) $500


I will create a visual pitch deck with the proper elements to attach when pitching or if requested otherwise. 


FILM PACKAGING or FILM PROPOSAL (4 Week Turnaround) $1000

Along with your support of answering specific questions for your project, I will help create a plan to structure your film as a business to show legal/CPA. Documents will include visual terms for what your project is all about, including budget, team, etc. 

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