Question: Who are you?

Answer: My bio is in the "About" section but I've had success as a writer/producer working with top talent in both film, music, and TV. I had a very close "family-like relationship" with my mentor Master P and saw how the marketing, deal-making, and packaging of projects were really done behind the scenes. I've also helped his business in many ways behind the scenes.

With doing that, I established durable relationships with many top Agents and began receiving exclusive access to portals in both the literary and film department.

Question: How does this radio booking service work?

Answer: It's simple. Fill out the questionnaire so that I may know a little bit more about you. Then, select a package. From there I create an account that you can log into at any time and see everything in "real time," as the work is being done for you.

After you are submitted, from there when the host or bookie responds, you coordinate your own schedule and take it from there! No need to follow up unless you'd just like to say thank you!

Question: What kind of writers do you typically represent?

Answer: I help all except erotica authors, unfortunately. With my industry contacts, I can help any writer in any genre get to the front door and land a sale or option; as well as just doing effective book promo. I also check in on all my clients and give them valuable advice.

Question: Can I do this as a hobby?

Answer: Yes, but I help and represent professional writers or those who are serious. I know who I'm dealing with off the questionnaire that you fill out. If you get lucky and land a sale, or rep, or just promo great but if you are in it for the long haul then you will go far with networking and working with me.

Question: Can you help me if I'm overseas?

Answer: Yes!

Question: Do you charge any extra fees?

Answer: No. Everything listed here is a one-time payment with no strings attached! The only fees that I charge are what is listed unless I choose to represent you exclusively. If that is the case then this doesn't become a service and an industry standard agreement will be presented.

Question: What stations can you get me booked on?

Answer: Many. Sirius XM Satellite Syndicated Radio Shows, IHeartRadio Syndicated Shows, Terrestrial Radio, and Internet Podcast shows. Audiences range in thousands up to millions.

Question: Is this a scam?

Answer: No! I believe in good business and doing right by people. 

Question: How do I sell my book to Hollywood?

Answer: With a treatment. You sell your story to producers while still retaining the rights of your book. That is another great way to jump-start your career and bring massive sales back to your book.

Question: How long does it take to get booked on radio & podcast shows?

Answer: Depends. Self-Help books do great. Children authors do great as well. Paranormal and comedy are also winners! But I've seen success for all genres so you'll be just fine because I will target your specific genre. Some shows can respond as soon after I submit you. Most of the time shows take a few days or about within a week to respond if they are interested. It goes back to the subject matter of your book and message.

Question: How long does it take to connect with Hollywood?

Answer: Depends. Could take weeks, months or longer. 


Question: I have a question that's not listed here.


Answer: No worries. Just contact me and I'll get back with you shortly.