Britt Wynn Agency Association Code of Ethics:


🎯 1. Deal fairly and honestly in ALL matters relating to client(s);

🎯2. Always look out for the interests of my client(s) alongside client's own interest;

🎯3. Treat all business matters related to client(s) as confidential;

🎯4. Make an effort to avoid scenarios where a conflict of interest is likely to occur;

🎯5. Encourage clients to seek legal advice prior to signing contracts;

🎯6. Keep durations of exclusive contracts of reasonable length;

🎯7. Conduct research, stay involved in and be well -informed about matters relating to all facets of the entertainment and publishing business;

🎯8. Avoid collusion with other agents and managers that result in actions against the interest of my client(s);

🎯9. Refrain from ‘blacklisting’ clients or engaging in any other similar behavior;

🎯10. I will not charge crazy prices or receive an unreasonably or unjustifiably high commission;

🎯11. Not take credit for another's work;

🎯12. Not exaggerate my credentials or affiliations in an effort to woo a client into a contractual relationship;

🎯13. Not encourage clients to breach existing contracts with other managers, publishers or agents;

🎯14. Not to engage in libel or slander against clients or other members of the book publishing & entertainment industry.